ABSP Foundation: Donate

The American Board of Sport Psychology, a not for profit training and education organization has an embedded Foundation that is devoted to supporting and advancing projects relating to its core mission in sport/athlete and sport/athlete-clinical-health contexts. We are seeking private, corporate and organizational donors to support the following projects. Some are associated with naming-rights opportunity and other major benefits.


Kickstarter: contributor/donor Mental Toughness Testing APP (donate via Kickstarter)

Sport Psychology/Clinical Sport-Health Sport Psychology in Medical Schools (Endowed programs)

Sport Psychology/Clinical Sport Psychology: International Conference at Medical School venue(seeking Sponsors)

Scholarship/Grants to attend: ABSP Summer Internship/Visiting Fellowship programs

Harvard Medical School HMX program (we support the HMX program & donated a scholarship to a student from Nepal: see ABSP Facebook & Instagram pages; Harvard HMX)

Research: Placebo-Nocebo in the context of sport/performance; Universal Clinical Trial and ABSP database repository

INTERESTED: contact rcarlstedt@americanboardofsportpsychology.org