Board of Directors


Roland A. Carlstedt, Ph.D., Chairman, Licensed Psychologist, ABSP, Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital & Integrative Psychological Services of New York City

James Tabano, Ed.D., Vice-Chairman, Member Executive Board, Research Psychologist, ABSP Research Fellow,
Private Consultant

Michelle Deering, Ed.D., Member Executive Board, Licensed Psychologist, ABSP, Private Practice

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Member Executive Board, Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University

Denise Fortino, Ph.D., Member Executive Board, Secretary/Treasurer, Licensed Psychologist, Center for Comprehensive Health Practice

Leslie Weiser, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Harvard Medical School & McLean Hospital

Nita Wirtz, Psy. D., Member, AASP-CC,  Assistant Professor, Bismark Sate College

Mark Anshel, Ph.D., Member, Professor Emeritus Middle Tennessee State University
Fellow of Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology (47) of the American Psychological Association

Ajay Wasan, M.D., MMed. Sci., Member (Physician/Psychiatry-Pain Management), Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center/University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Clifford Stark, D.O. Member (Physician/Sports Medicine & Primary Care), Clinical Director, Chelsea Sports Medicine, New York City

Matthew Allen, M.A., Member Executive Board, State Certified Mental Health Counselor

Andrea Dias, B.A., Member (Graduate Students and Professional Athlete Representative)

Vaibhav Agashe, M.A., ABSP, Member (India Olympic Team Sport Psychologist; International Representative)

Saif Ali, B.A., Member (Professional Coach of Athletes Representative)